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File No. P2302

40’ x 13’ x 4’ Heavily Built Steel Hull

Built in Ontario in the 1980’s
Hull is 10 gauge steel
Deck is 3/16” steel deck plate
Located near Port Dover, Ontario
Price $10,500 CDN

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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File No. W2330

2003 33′ x 10.5′ Aluminum ZodiacEx-US Navy Long Range Harbor Security/Work Boat

Twin Cummins 6BTA5.9-QSBwith Hamilton HK274 Waterjet and ZT 220 marine gear
3500 Hours (Dec2015)
4 Person cabin withair conditioning and heating
Upgraded militaryelectrical system with shore power
Engine pre-heatersand battery chargers
Dual battery banks
Propulsion systemdesigned for independent operation
Foam filled collar
Hydraulic steering
Hoist fittings
200 gallon fuelcapacity (12 GPH cruise)
Fast lube oilchange system
Capacity 12 people
Cruise speed 26 kts, WOT 33 kts
Trailer: Myco trailer, aluminum triple axle (2003)

Note: Boat hull and cabin were replaced byZodiac in 2005 due to defective alloy used in original build. All systems were cross decked onto the new hull.

Located in New York State

Price: $99,000 USD OR BEST OFFER

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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File No.PB2006

NEW 13.3m x 4.0m x 0.7m FRPMaritime Patrol & Rescue Boat – To be built

LOA: 13.3m
Bean: 4.0m
Depth: 1.7m
Draft: 0.7m
Max. speed: 38 knots
Cruising range: 200 nautical miles
Main engine: 2 x MAN 573hp
Propulsion system: 2 x HJ364
Sea keeping ability: Sea State 10
Lead time: 5 month
Specialty: Self righting ability
Hull material: FRP (Polythene+ Vinyl ester)
Hull form: Monohulldeep-V & planning hull
To be built in China
Price: $850,000 USD

Details are deemed to becorrect but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified

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File No. PB2001


Purpose-built design:

The boat is designed to performmulti-mission patrol duties as well as for call missions in the near offshore area, open roads of sea ports andharbors and on inland waterways. Modern MTU diesel engines direct coupled to Water jets giveshallow draft and the best maneuverability. Their cost effectiveness makes the “A – 45” ultimate and reliablepatrol/research boat for air/sea rescue, offshore environmental, territorialprotection, coastal policing. “A – 45” will be the multi-mission craft capable of performing Search and Rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement (LE), and Fisheries patrols, as well as drug interdiction (DI) and illegal alien interdiction duties in coastal waters.

The possible missions may include:

protection and control of sea-lines withinterritorial waters;
surveillance of economic (fishing) zone;
protection of sea ports, offshore and coastal structures;
offshore environmental patrolling;
fishery surveillance and protection tasks;
customs functions;
coastal policing;
drug interdiction;
search and rescue;
salvage, dive, research;
offshore commercial.

Climatic conditions and Classification:
The boat can operate performing herdesignation both day and night at ambient temperature: minimal – 10oC (14F), max +45oC (113F),humidity up to 90% and outboard water temperature up to 32oC (90F). 

The boat is designed and to be build under Russian Register of Shipping classification norms.

*Option: The adapting of the project for other classification society is possible.

Principal particulars:
Length overall – 14,00 m (45,93’)
Beam – 4,00 m (13,12’)
• Depth (midship) – 2,10 m (6,89’)
Draught on design WL – 0,70 m (2,30’)
Displacement: (standard / full load) – 11,50 t / 14, 50 t
Max design speed40 + knots.
Range / Endurance – 5 days (depending onspeed).
Navigability (Beaufort number):
Speed 45 knots – in sea state 3
Speed 30 knots – in sea state 5
Fuel – 5,0 t
Lubricating oil – 0,07 t
Fresh water – 0,4 t
Provisions – 0,05 t
Fuel tanks – 2;
Fresh water tank – 1;
Lubricating oil tank – 1;
Sewage tank – 1.
Hull: Light alloy welded, longitudinal framing,low-profile.
Material of hull and superstructure – lightalloy AMG 61.
The boat has 5 main compartments partedwatertight bulkheads each:

Compartment No1 – forepeak;

Compartment No2 – crew’s quarters, cabins;

Compartment No3 – tanks;

Compartment No4 – engine room;

Compartment No5 – after-peak.

Electrically operated drainage system(electrical pumps) in all compartments. Also is provided hand-operated drainage pump.

Main Engine:

Main engines – MTU 2 x 736 kW / 2000 rpmfour-stroke turbo-charging diesel (*);

Remote control from the bridge: Start/stop,reverse/rotation, cooling liquid temperature, oil pressure, rpm, working hours; temperature,speed, pressure monitoring. Electronic diagnostics and registration of faults.

(*) Options available (3412E TA HP, 746BkW at 2100 rpm).

Exhaust system – for each engine,separately.

Double-circuit water cooling system is alsoseparately for each engine.

Water jet system
2 x Water-jets, single-stage uniflow, FF JET410HS KAMEWA.
(*) Options available

Electrical system:
Electricity supply on board – 24 V D.C.(main and emergency); ~ 220 V 50Hz A.C.
Two starter-generators on each mainengine;
One harbor diesel-generator 6,4 kW;
Four storage battery with total power 864A/Hr.

System of power supply from the shore.
One Power Distribution Panel shall beprovided with separate Switches with automated fuses to each of main group of consumers. A 220 voltAC and a 24 volt DC shore connection shall be provided.

Navigation and communication:

On the boat to be installed navigation andcommunication equipment as follows:

Gyro Compass, Magnetic compass, Navigational radar, GPS,
Depth-sounder, VHF – radio, Command loudspeaker, Emergency radio buoy.

*Option: Other navigation, communication andspecial equipment will be provided in accordance with the Customers requirements.

Signal lights and searchlights: side lights; masthead light; stern light; navigation lights; two searchlights with dia 470 mm (1 kWt)and dia 260 mm (250 Wt).

Life saving equipment: One life rafts (“Viking”) for 6 persons, 6life jackets, 2 ring-buoys.

Anchor-handling gear: The boat is supplied with anchor ofincreased holding capacity, mass 25 kg. Anchor handling by electrical capstan.

Fire- fighting system: The vessel has volumetric fire-fighting system, consisting from containers of storage of an extinguishing fluid, detectors and pipelines. In all compartments is a fire extinguisher.

Accommodation / crew: 6 (2 + 4):
Captain / navigator – 1;
Engineer /operator – 1;
Crew (Special personnel) – 4.

Accommodations: Wheelhouse, two cabins. (*Can be air-conditioned as option). The wheelhouse features full engineinstrumentation and control panels for main on-board systems with two seats. The two forward cabins sleep6 in single convertible bunks.

Facilities: latrine (w.c. and washingstand), mini-galley with microwave oven, drop dinner table, refrigerator (40 L), sink, dresser, foodbin.

Ventilation: Electrical input ventilation and naturalextract ventilation in accommodations and pilothouse. Input air duct is provided by electric heatingelements for heating of accommodation in winter season.

Natural ventilation: engine room, forepeak,after-peak, storage-battery container.
(*) Weaponry:
* Weapons can be added accordingly to wishes of the Customers and it will be as subject of further discussion and separate agreements correspondingly to acting Ukrainian and International legislation.

* Option: Depending on missions and tasks tobe performed small arms (such as AKS type) of various calibers (NATO or CIS standard) canbe mounted in the cockpit in front of the wheelhouse:
Maximum weight ofspecial equipment or weapons – 900 kg.(Separate agreement accordingly tointernational and local legislation)

Transportation: The boat could be transported on railwayplatform, on the vessels upper deck or long vehicle.

Spare parts: Spare parts, tools and appliances areforeseen in volume, provided by the suppliers of equipment and mechanisms. The boat is to be suppliedwith complete set of operational documents and certificates on Russian and English language.

Terms of delivery, price and payments:
Building time – 8 month for the firstvessel and then – 50 days for each next one.
Terms of payments – to be contracted. Price: – ex-shipyard.


Keviar bullet-proof covers of the wheelhouse area. (*) .

Bullet-proof glass for deadlights.

Stern ladder for scuba divers.

Air conditioner for wheelhouse andcabins.

Extension of Endurance up to 48 hr.

Baffle painting (*) .

Exterior graphics, lettering &logos.

The adapting of the project for otherclassification society. – Subject to CS.
Harbor diesel-generator 8, 0 kW –(alternatively CIS made).
Shock absorbing seats in thewheelhouse.
200 Watt Xenon Searchlight (13.5Million Candlepower), electrically remote.
Night vision equipment. (*).
Custom Command loudspeaker – dependingon Customers specifications.
Short-wave radio station – Customersoption.
Custom interior design – Customersoption.
Navigational aids and special equipmentat Customers requirements.
Complete set of operational documentsand certificates on Customers language.

(*) – Special agreement.

To be built in the Ukraine

Prices on request


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File No.S2045 

1973 116′ x 26′ x 7′ Steel Expedition/ Dive/ Patrol /Guard/ Cruise Ship   


Type: Survey / Security vessel
Flag: Vanuatu
Classification: Germanisher Lloyd -DNV


Year built 1973: (Extensivelyrefurbished 1995)
LOA: 35.36m (116ft)
Breadth: 7.92m (26ft)
Draught: 2.13m (7ft)
Number of decks: 4
Construction: Steel
Net tonnage: 86 NRT
Gross tonnage: 286 GRT

Engines: 2 no. Kelvin T8 engines, each providing 240 HP @ 1,000 via Kelvin 2:1 hydraulic reverse reduction gearbox

Generators: 1 x Cummins 6 CTA :Producing 136 K.W., 415 volts, 3 Phase, 50Hz
3 x Caterpillar D330 : Producing 40 K.W., 415 volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.,each
1 x Lister AR2A (Emergency ) Producing 12 K.W., 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Fuel andCapacity: MGO 0.1% Sulphur
2 x 8,500 ltr tanks (forward)
2 x 4,500 ltr tanks (aft)
Total: 26,000 ltr
FullSpeed: 10.25 knots, on about 1.40 Tonnes Gas Oil per 24 Hours
Service Speed: 9.00 knots, on about 1.10 Tonnes Gas Oil per 24 hours
Anchor: 250 ltrs per day

FreshWater capacity: 2 x 14,000 ltr(forward)
Total: 28,000 ltr
Freshwater maker: 3 ton/ hr max, dependent on sea conditions
Ballast water: 33.24 tonnes

Crew: 10
Passenger: 40
Bathrooms: En-suite plus additional
Accommodation: En-suite Cabins,Galley, Lounge area


Built in 1973 by Carrington Slipways Pte., Tomaga,Australia as a patrol vessel
In 1988 she undertook scientific work aroud theFalkland Islands

 In 1992 she operated as a support vessel in UKoffshore oil industry
She has been utilized in Cape Verde Islands with 20divers aboard
She completed 5 year classification survey byGermanischer Lloyd in Aug 2012
Next renewal in August 2017
Dry cargo capacity: 5,500 cu. ft
Large aft deck – 55 sq. metres
(2) hydraulic cranes – 3 tons
2 large RIBs included
Also fitted to carry armaments & explosives
Flag: Venuatu
New Price: £550,000

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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FileNo. PB2004

(2) NEW 2012 44′ Fast Coastal Patrol Vessels

Vessel Model: 44CPB (Two available immediately, others on contract) Currently in service with: Navies, Coast Guards, Marine Police and other Civil Enforcement Agencies globally (Harbour Masters/Fisheries agencies etc)

L.O.A.: 13.35m +(12+12) cm fixed fenders
Beam: 3.96m +(12+12) cm fixed fenders
Length Waterline:10.00m
Draft: 0.75m
Speed: 40+ Knots
Hull: Deep V –Planning – Mono-hull
Construction Material : FRP Advanced Composites – Extra strengthened, partially vacuumapplied monolithic GRP structure.
Full Displacement:App. 13 Tons
Main Engines: TwinVolvo-Penta D12-650 (1,300Hp Total Power).
Gear Boxes: ZF 3251A.
Drive System: ZFMinirex60 Surface Propulsion System (Fully controlled and synchronised by “ZFCruise Command” system)
Propellers: 5 BladeSurface Piercing
Fuel Tanks: 1,500 lt(stainless steel)
Fresh and WasteWater tanks: 140lt / each (stainless steel)
Paint system: JOTUN paint solution (Colour: RAL 7000-NATO Grey) Built under Turkish Lloyd rules.
Fender: 12cm D shaperugged rubber fender system all around the vessel (stainless steel supportinside).
Stainless steelhandrails around the boat, allowing great safety, especially on the foredeck.
Tempered andlaminated, extra robust window glasses.
Heavy duty(pantograph) window wipers.
Composite doors.
Large cockpit withhelm and AIS stations.
One cabin for thecrew with porthole.
Full set of lifesaving appliances and equipment.
Fire fightingarrangements.
Remote controlledwindlass winch and anchor system with chain.
Non-skid externalsurfaces.
Composite radar arch.
One day head withelectric macerator WC, sink and faucet, porthole.
One galley with electrichob, refrigerator, sink and faucet, storage units, porthole.
Adjustable pilotseat with suspension unit.
Superior qualityelectrical and mechanical systems, equipment and materials.
Large cockpit salonand command station for 11 personnel seating.
Extra large aft-deck(12m²) + Platform (3m²) areas.
Navigation lights.

Located in Turkey.

Price: $799,000 USD

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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File No.C2061

1957 45′ x 14′ Steel Hull/Aluminum Cabin Crew Boat

Dive Boat/Survey Boat/Research Boat/WorkBoat
Built in USA
Engines: Twin 8V-71 Detroit Diesel
Generator: 15KW Onan
Cruising speed: 18 knots
Fuel capacity: 350 gal
Full electronics with 48 mile radar
Air compressor: Yes
Air condition: Yes
Heating: Yes
Fully equipped galley: Yes
Hot and cold water: Yes
Head: Yes
Berths: 3
Swim platform: Yes
Davits: Yes
Located in Mississippi
Price: $47,250 USD (Vessel is available for a long term charter)

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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