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File No. W2097

New 4’ x 6’ Aluminum Pilothouse

Fully enclosed
Glass and windshield wiper are just a couple of features left to install
Built in Ontario
Price of basic aluminum pilothouse $7,250 CDN

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File No. B2081

Metalcraft 65’ Catamaran Barge – New construction

The barge shownin the photo above has been sold
Aluminum barge is available in various lengths and beams and configurations such as CC or pilothouse with accommodations as shown above

Can be shippedin sections and re-assembled onsite.

Ideal for very heavy payloads

Conveyors orcranes can be mounted in between pontoons by lifting deck plates

Very versatile craft

Call for pricing

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.   Phone519-583-1636

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New Construction

Here are some new anchors, barges, landing craft, work boats, tugs and other types of marine equipment that are being built by our clients.
Use your mouse to click on the file number to see more details and in most cases a picture.

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File #DimensionsParticularsLocationPrices
B23368'-10' x 20'-30'New work barges
3/16" or 1/4" construction, customize with a motor bracket, console, push knees, etc. to suit your needs
(Port Dover)
$20,000 CDN
B23388'-10' x 20'-30'New steel work barge with wheelhouse, opt for a wheelhouse that hinges forward for easier truckingOntario
(Port Dover)
Price on Request
W236617'-19'Steel open work boat, 5000 lb capacity, Ontario
(Port Dover)
Price on Request
19' @ $8,500 CDN
4’ x 6’Fully enclosed aluminum pilothouse
Basic structure only
$6,745 CDN

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.   Phone 519-583-1636  

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