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File No. B2213

1988 48.2m x 14mx 3.5m Self Propelled, 70 Tons, Craned, 859 CBM Hold, Barge

Freeboard Zone Restricted III
Coastal navigation ispermitted with a 6-m wave height of a 3% probability, with sailing from ashelter place within 50 NM with an alloweddistance between shelter places not more than 100 NM, excluding navigation in ice conditions

  •  Ship’s Class – (*+) III Crane Ship
  • Year of Building – 1988 Japan
  • Gross Tonnage – 928mt
  •  NetTonnage – 278mt
  •  Deadweight – 1110.37mt
  •  Length Overall – 48.20m
  •  Molded Length – 45,00m
  •  Midship Beam – 14,00m
  • Depth Molded – 4,00m
  • Maximum Draft – 3,50m
  • Main Engine – YANMAR MF26-ST, 880kW
  • Diesel-Generator – YANMAR4CHL-TN, 45kW @2
  • Harbor Diesel-Generator – KOMATSU, 60kWA
  • Harbor Diesel-Generator – YANMAR AG15S, 15kWA
  • Bow Thruster – ISUZU UM6BD1TC, 165ps
  • Crane Engine – MITSUBISHI, 550kW
  • Cargo Hold – 846,7cbm
  • Length – 18,0m
  • Width – 11,2m
  • Height – 4,2m
  • Fuel Oil Supply – 74,9 cbm(37,45@2)
  • Lubricating Oil Supply – 2,46 cbm
  • Fresh Water – 26,18 cbm (13,09@2)

Ballast Water

  • Forepeak – 142,25cbm
  • Tank 1 – (starboard/port) 94,82 cbm(47,41@2)
  • Tank 2 – (starboard/port)79,08 cbm (39,54@2)
  • Tank 3 – (starboard/port) 137,3 cbm (68,65@2)

Crane Type – SKK-500GDA-H

  • Maximum Capacity of the Crane – 70,0 mt
  • Maximum Grade Ascending Ability – 80°
  • Derrick Length – 21,5m
  • Derrick Outreach at 30° – 21,2m
  • Derrick Outreach at 60° – 7,0 m
  • Crane Swing Sector – 360°

Cargo Gear

  • 4-cbm Grab – 1pc
  • 3-cbm “Orange Peel” Grapple – 1 pc
  • 38.1-mt Cargo Block – 1 pc
  • Seating Capacity – 10 persons
  •  Nucleus Crew – 8 persons
  • GMDSS Equipment -A + A2
  • Automatic Identifying System – TRANSAS, T101
  • Ship Security Alert System – SSAS, T-400
  • Mooring Winches (hydraulic) – 4 pc
  • Hall’s Anchor (Fore) – 2 pc
  • Common Anchor (Aft) –2 pc
  • Ready Boat – Favorite F-420

Located in the Far East

Price: on request

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified

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File No. B2095

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70’ x 22’ x 7’ Steel Sectional Barge (7 sections)
Price $55,000 USD

Draft is 2’

Barge consists of (7) seven sections total
Five center sections and two rake ends
Each section has a flat deck area of 10’ x 22’ x 7’ in height
The decks are ¼” diamond plate steel
The inside frame is 5” x 5” x 5/16” T-beam 18” O.C.
The bottoms andhalf way up the sides have new 3/16” steel plate welded on
There is also a winch operated deck ramp for easy on off loading of trucks and equipment
The bottom ofeach section is tapered down to 19’ in length to make them stackable in side each for over the road trucking
The two rake end sections are 7’ high raked down to 1’6” and have deck area of 10’ x 22’ each
The exposed steel nubs are spaced 18” apart. Around the edge of each deck are the lock downclamps to provide a watertight seal between deck and the barge hull.  Each deck has a man way hatch
Located in New York State

Some recent Q&A about these barges:

  • How many trucks to ship?
  • It can be done with 2 drop deck flatbeds
  • Does it come with spuds or spud wells?  If so, please describe.
  • There are no spud wells but they can easily be added to the barges
  • How much does each section weigh?
  • Each hull weighs 13,000 lbs and each removeable deck weighs 4,000 lbs
  • How heavy duty is the deck structure?
  • The deck is 1/4″ diamond plate steel on a 5″ x 5″ x 5/16″ steel beam welded structure 18″ on center.
  • What is the weight rating for the ramp? (I need to drive a 40 ton machine aboard.)
  • I don’t know the weight of the ramp but it is made of 6″ x 6″ H-beams
  • What is the heaviest cargo they have carried on it?
  • They will carry 140 ton with 2′ of free board
  • Do they have any pictures of it during transport or in the water?
  • Sorry, no
  • Who manufactured it, and when?
  • Built by Thomas Iron Company in the 1950’s for the U.S. Army.  The bottoms and 3′ up the sides of the hulls have been re-skinned with 3/16″ plate steel in 2007.  They were used one summer and then put on dry dock
  • Are they able to load?
  • Yes, I can get equipment here to load them on a truck at your expense.
  • How has it been painted since the new bottom?
  • They were painted with a oil base paint made for steel.
  • Does it have zincs?
  • Not to my knowledge
  • How do the sections attach to each other?
  • They are attached by using 4, 2″ diameter, grade 8 bolts, in each corner, top and bottom

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File No. B2165  


 1990 60’ x 16’ x 6’ x ¼” Steel Spud Barge 

Price $75,000 CDN
Barge is truckable with escort
The bow is raked 45 degrees.
Light draft is 12-14″.
Hydraulic ramp.
Ramp is 20′ long.
The barge has 1/4″ deck, sides and hull plating.
Capacity: 50-60 ton
The deck is reinforced every 12 inches with 5″ x 3/8″flatbar.
There are 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ angles vertically on 24″centres throughout the whole barge and the inside is almost like new.
It has one bulkhead running amid ship port to starboard and one running from mid stern to the mid bow for a total of 4 water tight compartments.
There are two new Vernon Industries aluminum deck hatches with cam lockclosures.
There are two heavy spud wells with pulleys and one 40′ spud and one50′ spud.
There are two spud winches that come with the package.
Location is south eastern Georgian Bay.

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified

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Scruton Marine Inc.   Phone 519-583-1636  


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File No. B2176

 1910 100’ x 30’ x 7’ Steel Heavy Duty Spud Barge

Net tonnage: 350 ton Shell plating thickness: 3/8
Framing: Heavy
Deck plating: 1”Cabin: 24’ x 24’
Spuds: 24” x 24”
Winch: 2 drumwinch (air driven)
Compressor: 165CFM compressor with Detroit Diesel 6-71
Located on Lake Ontario


Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

Please contact us for further information
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Scruton Marine Inc. partners with Mike Scruton Marine to provide barge and workboat rentals.

Barge Rental —  Truckable work barge is 9’ x 20’ and is perfect for ship repair.  Contact us for available rental dates.

Workboat Rental — Rental of boat, captain, and at least one crew member.  Surveying companies appreciate the convenience, friendliness, and professionalism of our crew.



Here are some of the barges we currently have listed for sale.
Use your mouse to click on the file number and see more details and in most cases additional photos.

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90' to 300'New Tugs/Work Boats/Crew Boats/Supply Boats/Barges to be builtLouisianaPrices on Request
B2341 220' x 60' x 14'1998 ABS Deck Barge, 11' max draft, GRT:1366, NT: 409Quebec$1,400,000 USD
B2343195' x 35' x 12'1988 Steel Jumbo River Hopper Barges (2), box ends, fair condition, need some steel workNew York$55,000 USD each
Priced to sell!
B2340192.9' x 60' x 14'1998 ABS/A1, Deck barge, Max Draft 11.4', GRT: 1366, NT:409, Deck Load 2500 lb/sq ftQuebec$1,100,000 USD
New Listing
B2342180' x 54' x 12'2007 ABS Spud Barge, 9.58' max draft, Cargo capacity at max load line 1960 LTQuebec$1,600,000 USD
158.2' x 46' x 11.6'1988 Self propelled, 70 ton crane, 859CMM hold bargeFar EastPrice on Request
B2344146' x 38' x 17.5'Cape Class Hopper Barge, 5' bin walls, good condition, heavily built 1950, drydocked 2017New York$85,000 USD
Priced to sell!
B2328140' x 40' x 11.5'Steel deck barge, bin wall on one side, 5 compartments, needs workNew York State$60,000 USD obo
Trades Considered
118' x 44' x 7'1994 Trash Skimmer
Deck has 2 skimming or moon pools
New York State$350,000 USD
New Price
B2325100' x 34' x 7'(2) 22′ spuds and diesel power pack w/hydraulic winches
Has 20′ x 20′ hopper w/deck hatches
No load line
Heavy duty
In Excellent shape
New York State$10,500 USD/mo Charter Only
100' x 30' x 7'1910 Steel Spud Heavy Duty Barge
2 drum winch
Lake OntarioFor Charter
B231796' x 32' x 6'2000 Deck Barge with 65' spuds, tool room, officeMaine$150,000 USD
B 232670' x 30 x 7' Hopper Barge
125 cubic yd hopper
Clyde winch lifts 2 - 35' spuds
Ontario$57,750 USD
70' x 22' x 7'Sectional Steel Barge - 7 sections; 5 centre sections, 2 rake ends
New York State$55,000 USD
T237662' x 32' x 6'
10' x 40' x 30'
Tug and Barge Package
Late 1960's 32' x 62' x 6' barge with deckhouse and spuds
1964 52' x 16.5' x 6' Model bow tug
New York StatePrice on Request
B2294No Image60' x 30' x 4'8"1967 Self Propelled Work Barge
Generator, winch, spuds, Hull is in as new condition
60' x 16 x 6'1990 Steel Spud Barge
One 40' spud, one 50' spud, hydraulic ramp
Ontario$75,000 CDN
B232450' x 30' x 5'Poseidon barges
(3) 10′ x 40′ x 5′ barges + (3) 10′ x 10′ x 5′ raked ends
2 external spud pockets with 33′ spuds powered by a gasoline power pack and 2 hydraulic winches
Barges are 2009 & 2013; Rakes, spuds and pockets are 2015
New York State$267,500 USD
New Listing
B234850' x 20' x 3'1995 Steel barge, 1- 10" spud wells, new sidesRhode Island$30,000 USD
New Listing
50' x 10' x 6'(13) Steel Sectional Barges
One barge has raked end
Built in 1980's
B2222No Image48' x 28' x 4'Barges to be built - each with bulkhead, 2 12' spud wells and 3 kevelsIllinoisPrice on Request
B235040' x 20' x 2'1970's Dual Pontoon Steel Barge with Hydraulic Ramps, Powered by 2 Mercury 60hp, wheelhouse with basic nav equipmentOntario
Georgian Bay area
$40,000 CDN
B234940' x 14' x 3'Truckable steel barge, new bottom, raked both ends, 4 hatchesMichigan$33,000 USD
B233440' x 12.5'2004 Steel Fork Barge
Telehandler boom extends 42' w/ 15' forks
Twin 225 Sukukis
20' hydraulic spuds
Michigan$160,000 USD
B2339PHOTO COMING SOON!40' x 10' x 5'
20' x 10' x 5'
10' x 10' x 5' Rakes
New Sectional Barges for Sale
•All double pin connections.
•Pin on Spud Pockets
OntarioPrice on Request
36.1' x 13'1944 Chrysler Sea Mule Tug/Work Barge
4' draft, clam bucket crane, backhoe, hydraulic hammer, winch and crane boom
B234630' x 9.5'
30' x 14' when expanded
1998/2017 Steel Crane Barge with Trailer, 90hp Evinrude, crane and winch, gooseneck trailerQuebec$56,000 USD
26' x 10'New Steel Barge with CC and Push Knees with centre console, tow posts, to be builtMassachusettsPrice on Request
25' x 10'Steel work/push boat to be built
190 hp Mercury
4 spudwells and control stand
IllinoisPrice on Request
B234524'6" x 10' x 3'New 2019 1/4" Steel Work Barge, raked end, Weight 6,000 lbs, Capacity 24,000 lbsOntario
(Port Dover)
$25,000 CDN
New Listing
$300/day rental rate
W236824' x 8'2014 Pontoon Work boat with Trailer, 5k capacity crane 16' reach, Mercury 40hp motor, 2015 Shorelander trailerMichigan$35,000 USD
New Listing
B233823'6 x 8' x 30" 2019 Steel work barge with wheelhouse, double rake, split pipe bump rail, removable push knees, 3' x 8' x 6'8 wheelhouse hinges forward for lower trucking heightOntario
(Port Dover)
$18,000 CDN
B234720' x 8' x 4'6 Sectionals available, 2 1/4" material, 2 spud wells 2018 constructionOntario$26,000 CDN each
New Listing
B233620' x 8' x 30"New 2019 Barge - ready to ship
1 deck hatch, 4 cleats, rakes one end, capacity 9,000 lbs, weight approx. 3500 lbs
(Port Dover
$11,000 CDN
B2327<20' x 8' x 3'New Push Boat/Barge
Base Model and Complete Model Available
1/4" steel, 3"x3"x1/4" angle framing, 1 hatch, 4 cleats
Complete comes with Center Console and Push Knee, Rub Rail, etc
NY State$16,800 Base
$26,800 Complete
W236720' x 8'2019 Steel Push Boat, c/w console, push knees, motor bracket, 1 hatch, 1 coat primer, light draft 8"Ontario$13,000 CDN

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.   Phone 519-583-1636  

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