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FileNo. E2604

 (7) Murray & Tregurtha Model F-10 Z-Drives
  •  68″ diameter3 blade propeller
  •  Engines havebeen removed
  •  Seven available
  •  Located inMichigan
  •  Price: $55,000 USD each (Discount offered for multiple quantities)

Details are deemed to be correct but are notguaranteed and should be independently verified

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FileNo. E2579

Photos not available yet

 (3) Mirrlees V16 – Model KVSSDM engines in parts
  •  Engines areturbo-charged with inner coolers
  •  Two engines arestill in the vessel and have to be removed by being taken apart
  •  The 3rd engineis composed of  spare parts to build acomplete 3rd engine
  •  Located inBritish Columbia
  •  Prices on request

Details are deemed to be correct but are notguaranteed and should be independently verified

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.    Phone 519-583-1636 

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File No. E2475

 (2) Murray Tregurtha Harbor Master N6DP-8V71 Units
  • 233 hp each
  •  Shaft size:92.5″ from pivot to center of prop
  •  Props are 62″ x 35″, RH, 3 blade
  •  Condition:good working and running
  •  Located in Oregon
  • Price $42,000 USD each

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified. 

 Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.    Phone 519-583-1636  

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File No. E2439

 (2) Ultsein Maritime L295 Outboard Thrusters



NOTE: Two (2) of these units are currently available, they are identical units exceptthat (1) is Used/Re-built and (1) has not been used.   The Used/Re-built unit does not have engine covers yet.    All have the following specifications:

DESCRIPTION: Skid mounted, diesel powered, 360º steerable propulsion unit with tiltable outboard type foot.  Power transmission is through a hydraulic clutch and then a beltdrive to the stern drive and propeller.  Currently set up for raw water heat exchange cooling system.

MANUFACTURER: Ulstein Maritime, Ltd.

MODEL NUMBER: L295 7500S   (Entire unit weighs about 16,500 lb.)

BUILT: 1984, one unit has been completely rebuiltin 2000. Originally built for U.S. Navy.


CLUTCH:    CAPITAL GEARS, Model HY400, ratio 1.00:1

Overall reduction ratio is 3.847:1 that is made up in two stages:
1st reduction of 1.282:1 is done through the belt drive
2nd reduction of 3:1 is done through the lower leg propeller shaft housing.

PROPELLERS:    42”x39.55”, 3-blade, Manganese Bronze
The propeller is housed inside a nozzle similar to a Kortz Nozzle.

THRUST:    Originally designated as “7,500 lb. Thrust”

HORSEPOWER:    230 HP @ 1800 RPM,270 HP @ 2100 RPM

STEERING:    Hydraulic. Powered by hydraulic pump mounted on the 6V-92 diesel engine.  The steering controls on the used unitscan be mounted adjacent to the unit or in a remote location, such as the raisedpilothouse that is available.  Steeringcontrols for the un-used unit are mounted on the unit itself.

FUEL:    122 gal / built-in fuel tank mounted fwd ofthe engine.

HYDRAULICOIL:    25 gal / built-in (Same tank asthe fuel but a separate compartment that is created by a bulkhead inside thetank.)

LOCATION:    Louisiana


PRICE:    $135,000 for the Used/Re-built Unit

$149,000 for the  (1) Un-used Unit

Specifications and availability are believed to be correct, but are not guaranteed.

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.   Phone 519-583-1636  

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File No. E2369

 (2 )Chrysler Gas Engines with V-Drives

Removed from 33’ Richardson in the 1950’s
S/N F24285S & F24273S
Located in New York State, on southshore of Lake Erie
Price $2625.00 USD for the pair

 Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.   Phone519-583-1636 

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File No. E2289

Photo not available yet

Gray Marine DieselEngine
  • 2 valve head
  • High block design with external fuel rails
  • Good used
  • Located in Windsor, Ontario
  • Price $700 USD


Please contactus for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.  Phone 519-583-1636  

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File No. E2367

 Used 6 cyl Vovlo MD 32A Marine Diesel Engine
  • # 42917905595
  • Bobtail
  • Located along south shore of Lake Erie
  • Price $4,725 USD

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.    Phone519-583-1636   

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File No. E2036

6 cyl. Gray Marine gas engine c/w transmission

·      Model6-225 CID Grey

·      150hp

·      Professionallyrebuilt – 0 hours

·      Needscarburetor

·      C/w3:1 manual transmission

·      Locatedin Michigan

·      Price$4,000 US


File No. E2123

Chrysler Hemi Gas Engine
  •  Complete with 1.5:1 transmission
  • Circa 1954 -1956
  • 354 cu. inch
  • Does not turn over
  • Located in Southern Ontario
  • Call for price

Details are deemed to becorrect but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified.  Hemi Gas Engine for Sale.

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.   Phone 519-583-1636  

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Here are some of the marine diesel engines and parts that we  have listed for sale.  We have a few industrial diesel engines for sale as well, but we tend to focus on marine.
Use your mouse to click on the file number and see the details and in most cases a picture.

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E2746CAT C-32 RXB 1550hp Marine Engines for sale, 2 available, 1064 hoursFlorida$80,000 USD each
both for $150,000 USD
New Listing
E2744CAT C-32, Re-buildable Core Marine Engine for Sale, block damaged, 1425hp @ 2300 rpmFlorida$25,000 USD
New Listing
E27202006 CAT C12 Marine Diesel Engines (2)
340 hp @ 1800 rpm, New Engines 28 hours
Set up for keel cooling
New York State$30,000 USD each
CAT 3126 Marine Diesel Engine
420 hp @ 2800 rpm
E2743CAT 3116 Marine Engine for Sale, 300hp @ 2300 rpm, 700 hours, bobtail, runnerFlorida$12,500 USD
New Listing!
E2731(2) CAT 3160 Marine Engines, 210 hp @ 2500 rpm, Twin Disc 506 3:1 gearsQuebec$8,000 CDN each or
both for
$12,000 CDN
No Image
CAT 3208 Marine Diesel Engine - bobtail
375 hp
Heat exchanger cooled
0 hours since professionally rebuilt
FloridaPrice on request
E2737CAT Marine Engine, 1200 hours, 3:1 Twin Disc gearNova Scotia$39,000 CDN
Chrysler Hemi gas engine (circa 1950’s)
With 1.5:1 gear
Southern Ontario$1,900 CDN
E2751Cummins NH-250 Marine Engine, Left hand, 1200 hours, does not come with gearSouthern Ontario
(Port Dover)
$2,500 CDN
New Listing
E2748Cummins 855 NT Power Unit, 1700 original hours, Emergency stand by unit for a water plantFlorida$10,500 USD
New Listing
E2745Cummins QSB 480hp, Marine Engines for sale, re-manufacturedFlorida$30,000 USD EACH
New Listing!
No Image
Cummins VT 1710 V12 Diesel Engine
- 600 hp, 7000 hrs
ZF BW-191 Transmission - 4.057:1 ratio
Shaft - 5"
Propeller: 52" x 62" , 4 blade steel
Nova ScotiaMake an offer
(2) Detroit Diesel 2-71 Power Units
c/w power take offs
Ontario$3,200 CDN each
Detroit Diesel Engine 4-53 industrial core
Unknown condition
Located near Port Dover, Ontario
Southern Ontario$850 CDN
No Image
Detroit Diesel Engines 4-71
Heat exchanger cooled
FloridaPrice on request
4-71 Detroit Diesel Engine - Used
Hydraulic governor
Radiator cooled
Marine exhaust
Located in Port Dover, Ontario
Southern Ontario$2,200 CDN
(2) Detroit Series 60 Marine Engines, 375 hp @ 1850 rpm, 15,000 hours, GRTOLouisianaSOLD!
No Image
Detroit Diesel Marine Engine 6V-53
Raw water cooled
Good running take out
Located near Port Dover, Ontario
Southern Ontario$3,500 CDN
E2735Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines, 65kw @1200 rpm, removed from a tug, 2 availableSouth Carolina$5,000 USD each
Detroit Diesel Marine Engine Left Hand 6-71
c/w Snow Nabstedt 3:1 gear
Heat exchanger cooled
Southern Ontario$4,000 CDN
E2738Detroit Diesel 12V-92, 305 hours, 700 hp @ 2100 rpmSouthern Ontario
(Port Dover)
$4,500 CDN
Detroit Diesel 1993 12.7 Litre 60 Series
Removed from truck – low hours
Currently 365 hp @ 1800 rpm
14” flywheel available at extra cost
Southern OntarioSOLD!
E2752Pair of EMD 16-645-E7 Marine Engines w/Lufkin gearboxes, 2875 BhP @ 900 rpmSouthern OntarioPrice on Request
Fairbanks Morse 12 Cyl 38D 1/8 Dual Fuel
Condition: Surplus takeout
History: Removed from backup municipal
Generator plant
Texas$35,700 USD
E2740Ford Lehman Marine Engine for sale, 120hp @ 2300 rpm, new, zero hoursFlorida$17,500 USD
New Listing!
(2) Harbour Master Units
Murray Tregurtha Stern Drive
233 hp each
Series N-6 - N6DP-8V-71
Oregon$42,000 USD ea
(7) Murray & Tregurtha Model F-10 Z-Drives
Engines have been removed
68" diameter 3 blade propeller
Seven available
Michigan$55,000 USD each
(discount offered for multiple quantities)
E2719Merc Cruiser VM Diesel 4.21 Short Block DiTronic - NEW IN CRATE and
Used Merc Cruiser VM Diesel 4.21 Long Block (needs rebuilding)
Ontario$12,000 CDN
E2742MTU Series 12v2000 Marine Engines, 1480hp, 5600 hours, GRTOFlorida$35,000 USD
New Listing!
E2747MTU 8-V 183 660hp Marine Engines, 400 hours since complete tear down/overhaul with OEM MTU parts - 2 engines availableFlorida$25,000 USD
New Listing
E2741Yanmar Marine Engine for Sale, Comes with ZF 45 gear, 170 hp @ 3200 rpm, 2000 hoursFlorida$12,750 USD
New Listing!
Yanmar 3GM engine - 24 hp @ 3400 rpm Reconditioned
Sailboat application
Seller will guarantee for 90 days
Pennsylvania$4,200 USD
E2749Yanmar 1GM10 Marine Diesel Engine, 10hp, w/3.22:1 gearFlorida$2,495 USD
New Listing
E2733Single Cylinder, simple expansion, vertical, reversing marine steam engine, made by J. McCraeSouthern Ontario$3,250 CDN

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