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70 x 22 x 7 Steel Sectional Barge (7 sections)
Price: Presently not available, check back in the Spring

Draft is 2′

Barge consists of (7) seven sections total
Five center sections and two rake ends
Each section has a flat deck area of 10’ x 22’ x 7’ in height
The decks are ¼” diamond plate steel
The inside frame is 5” x 5” x 5/16” T-beam 18” O.C.
The bottoms andhalf way up the sides have new 3/16” steel plate welded on
There is also a winch operated deck ramp for easy on off loading of trucks and equipment
The bottom of each section is tapered down to 19’ in length to make them stackable in side each for over the road trucking
The two rake end sections are 7’ high raked down to 1’6” and have deck area of 10’ x 22’ each
The exposed steel nubs are spaced 18” apart. Around the edge of each deck are the lock down clamps to provide a watertight seal between deck and the barge hull.  Each deck has a man way hatch
Located in New York State

Some recent Q&A about these barges:

  • How many trucks to ship?
  • It can be done with 2 drop deck flatbeds
  • Does it come with spuds or spud wells?  If so, please describe.
  • There are no spud wells but they can easily be added to the barges
  • How much does each section weigh?
  • Each hull weighs 13,000 lbs and each removable deck weighs 4,000 lbs
  • How heavy duty is the deck structure?
  • The deck is 1/4″ diamond plate steel on a 5″ x 5″ x 5/16″ steel beam welded structure 18″ on center.
  • What is the weight rating for the ramp? (I need to drive a 40 ton machine aboard.)
  • I don’t know the weight of the ramp but it is made of 6″ x 6″ H-beams
  • What is the heaviest cargo they have carried on it?
  • They will carry 140 ton with 2′ of free board
  • Do they have any pictures of it during transport or in the water?
  • Sorry, no
  • Who manufactured it, and when?
  • Built by Thomas Iron Company in the 1950’s for the U.S. Army.  The bottoms and 3′ up the sides of the hulls have been re-skinned with 3/16″ plate steel in 2007.  They were used one summer and then put on dry dock
  • Are they able to load?
  • Yes, I can get equipment here to load them on a truck at your expense.
  • How has it been painted since the new bottom?
  • They were painted with a oil base paint made for steel.
  • Does it have zincs?
  • Not to my knowledge
  • How do the sections attach to each other?
  • They are attached by using 4, 2″ diameter, grade 8 bolts, in each corner, top and bottom

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