File No.A2073

1700’s1600 lbs Admiralty Long Shank Anchor

Salvaged from Penobscot Bay, Maine
Shank: 11′
Fluke to fluke:6′
Flukes: 18″wide  x 24″ long
Square: 4 and1/2″ by 3 and 1/2″
Ring: 20″outside diameter
Estimated weight:1600 lbs
Located in Westbrook, CT
Price reduced from  $8,400 USD to $5,250 USD
Additional information provided by the owner:

“This large anchor, salvaged from Penobscot Bay in Maine is of the Admiralty longshank design (as seen in the photos) dating back to the 1700’s.  Note the long shank, straight arms which form a sharp angle at the crown and the large diameter ring.  It has survived in good condition (typical of wrought iron) and is all intact except for approximately 20% of each fluke as seen in the photos.  The flukes can be easily repaired, if desired, since the wrought iron material is very low in carbon and possesses excellent weldability.

The anchor is missing its wood stock but one can be readily be made, preferably from white oak if so desired. According to Anchors by N. E. Upham “this anchor would be the main bower anchor from a ship of approx 400 tons or the stream or kedge anchor from a much larger vessel.”   It was made from a number of iron bars which were tied together, heated and then forged under a trip hammer into one bar to form the shank, arms, ring etc.  These component parts were then welded together. The moderate degree of corrosion shows very nicely the forging process which is a truly a lost work of art.

Although of British design this anchor may be from a U.S. ship since the anchor design was copied and made in the U.S.  Also the Penobscot Bay location  where it was found was frequented by U.S. vessels, some of which were sunk there in the Revolutionary War.

This anchor has been out of the water for a long time and is completely stable from further corrosion.  Because of its size and weight this anchor is offered for pickup only in Westbrook, CT.  The price includes loading onto a trailer.”

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