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File No. D2029

 Used Steel Cable
  •  ¾” to 2 ½” diameters
  • Assorted lengths – up to 5,000 feet

Located in Quebec, Canada

Prices on request

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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File No. D2057

Philadelphia Gear Cutter Head Drive
  • Unit 3224
  • 20:1 reduction
  • 8 V-belt drive
  • Outside diameter – drive – 32: – 8V belt
  • Outside diameter – output – 16” c/c on holes 1 ¼” diameter
  • Located near Montreal, Quebec
  • Price $3,150 US

 Please contactus for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.  Phone 519-583-1636 

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File No.D2005

Dredge Parts

Canadian Acme Hydraulic Variable Pump

  • to run motor for digger head
  • Model # 42PV32609 CW
  • Serial # 37218

Rotex Hydraulic Motor

  • Low speed – Reverse
  • Model # K120A1A
  •  71-003

Myers Centri-Thrift Priming & Seal Packing Coolant Pump

  • 2” water pump
  • Model #150-OB
  • Serial # 9712
  • Can also double as a bilge pump

Spud System

  • One 32 volt DC Generator
  • Two Electric Winches

Crowding and Digger Leg Winch Assembly

  • 3 drum with hydraulic brakes run by Rhino 8,000lb. winch  40 – 1,
  •  Model TM8 with one spare Rhino gear head.
  • Located near Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  •  Price: Best offer           

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.  Phone 519-583-1636  


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File No. D2006

Giffin Pump System
  • Renfrew, Ontario
  •  Mounted on skid frame
  • O/A dimensions 130” L x 42”W x55”H
  • Approximate weight – 3500 lbs.
  • Fuel capacity – 51 imperialgallons
  • Hydraulic capacity – 91imperial gallons
  • Hydraulic  pump built in Nepean, Ontario
  • Model # 48866 089

Two hydraulic motors with two 4” Giffin pump attachments

  • Nichols Gray Division
  • Parker Hanifon Corp
  • Model # 2A-12754NV
  • Serial # G8 198

One spare 4” Giffin Pump –intact

Two Gresen Valve System

  • 1 –  Model # D42 – LC20
  • 1 –   Model # V42 – LC20

Two – pump – water manifold adaptable for use with back hoe or Hi-Ho.

One – Y – water manifoldadaptable for use with crane or simply to stand alone in bottom of pit etc.

Two – 50 ft. – 6” high pressurequick connect discharge hoses.

100 ft. of quick connecthydraulic hose

This Giffin pump was set up forand powered by 4-53 Detroit Diesel . Engine oil line broke while machine unattended – destroyed motor.

Amazing Pumping System!
At 105 feet of head witll pump up to 90 lbs. Of pressure with 85%solids of sand or mud.
With little reconfiguration,can be used in series to extend discharge length.

10 feet of head allows up to600 feet of discharge.

Cost of complete unit $16,000CDN.

Owner has an excellent 3-71Detroit Diesel easily converted by machinist to run hydraulics. Price $2,500CDN.












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File No. D2023

Cutterbasket for 14” Dredge

For sand

  • Keyway  1″x 1/2′
  •  Shaft   4 1/4″
  • Inside ring is 45 1/4″
  •  Inside of inside ring 38 1/2″
  • Hub 12″ deep x 8″   ( 8″? is as best owner can tell/
  • It  has to be turned over to measure)
  • Like new
  •  Located in Michigan
  • Price reduced from  $1,700 USD to $1,300 USD

Details are deemed to be correct but are not guaranteed and should be independently verified

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.    Phone519-583-1636  

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Prop Wash Dredging

Scruton Marine Inc., partners with Mike Scruton Marine and its fleet of  three prop wash tugs, equipped with spuds that enable sediment movement more efficiently than conventional methods of dredging.

For certain environments, prop washing is a cost-effective alternative to material excavation dredging.  In most cases a 50% cost reduction versus traditional dredging methods can be achieved.  Savings of greater than 50% have been achieved for some clients.

Mike Scruton Marine has provided prop washing services for many small harbours in the lower Great Lakes, including Turkey Point, Nanticoke, Port Burwell, and Wheatley, working with various government agencies to ensure compliance and provide minimal disruption to fish and wildlife habitats.



Here is the dredging equipment that we currently have listed for sale.  Use your mouse to click on the file number to see more details and in most cases a picture.

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File #DimensionsDescriptionLocationPrice
26” Electric Cutter
Suction Dredge

150’ x 40’ x 12’
Built in Canada
Length of cutterhead: 85’
Diameter of cutterhead: 8’
Cutter head speed: 12 – 24 rpm
Power on pump: 4800 hp
Power on cutter: 1400 hp
Auxiliary power: 2000 hp
QuebecPrice on request
D213710" Suction Dredge37' x 9' Suction Dredge, Cummins 5.9, steel construction, dep working depth 22', Cut: 96" x 22"Ontario
Price on request
D21198" Aluminum Portable Suction Dredge

2011 Mudcat Custom Built Aluminum
MC-910 Suction Dredge
Auger Type
8" suction x 6" discharge
Maximum digging depth: 10'
Cut: 9' wide x 18" depth
Main engine: 6-71 Detroit Diesel
$315,000 CDN
8" Steel Portable Auger Suction DredgeMudcat MC915 Auger Dredge
Construction material: Steel
8" suction x 8" discharge
Maximum digging depth: 15'
Cut: 9' wide x 18" depth
Main engine: 6-71 Detroit - 228 hp
$157,500 CDN
D21386" Suction Dredge2010 Portable Suction Dredge, 6" suction, 8" discharge, max digging depth approx 8', 4-53 GMOntario
(Lake Erie)
$147,000 CDN
No Image
8" Pipe8000' 10" HDPE Dredge Pipe
A mix of SDR11 & SDR 13.5'
Michigan$6.85 per foot
8´Flyte Pump90 hp, rebuilt
Electric - Freshwater pump
Quebec$12,075 CDN
4” Toyo” Mud PumpMud pump with agitator
DP 15 Toyo – 15 hp
Quebec$15,750 CDN
1983 Koehring 4470 Crawler Teleskoop Excavator
Hydraulic telescoping boom excavator
40,300 lbs (18 280 kg) working weight
Detroit Diesel 4-53T
OntarioPrice on request
6 yd Esco Clam BucketQuebec$34,650 CDN
5 yd Stone Clam BucketQuebec$21,000 CDN
4 yd Rock GrappleQuebec$22,050 CDN
4 yd Esco Clam Bucket
With teeth
Quebec$32,550 CDN
1 yd Bucket with RipperQuebec$4,050 CDN
1 yd Hydraulic Clam BucketQuebec$12,600 CDN
Assorted Used Steel Cable¾” to 2 ½” diameters
quantities up to 5,000 ft
QuebecPrice on request
1 yd Orange Peel Grapple
New condition
Quebec29,925 CDN

Please contact us for further information
Scruton Marine Inc.   Phone 519-583-1636  

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