File No.M2109

Electrical Cable

Previously used as shore power for dinner cruise ships.
Four lengths, will sell for half the price of new. All or separately.

 1. 80 feet (25 metres) Teck 90 XLPE 3X #6 AWG, -40C, 1000 volt FT1/FT4, four conductor.
Selling price: $150.00

2. 214 feet (65 metres) Type SO, 600 volt 2/4 Cabtire, four conductor. 
Selling price: $1520.00

3.  79 feet (24 metres) Python Type SWO, 600 volt 1/0/4, four conductor.
Selling price: $700.00

4. 32 feet (9.75 metres) Type STO 2-4, 600 volt, four conductor yellow jacket.
Selling price: $230.00

All four lengths for $2600.00 CDN
Located in Southern Ontario

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