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John Deere Diesel Generator 125KW

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This John Deere diesel generator is suitable for continuous use and has plenty of power to run your home, job site, vessel or business.

Silky Smooth. 1800 RPM. The sound will lull you to sleep.

This unit features a 6-cylinder 4-cycle 6.8L John Deere 6068HF285 diesel engine, electronic governor (0.5% frequency control), high pressure common rail system and engine control unit (ECU), cast iron crankcase with reborable liners, turbocharged aspiration, brushless generator end (fan-cooled), +/- 1% AC voltage regulation to protect your electronics, low oil and high water temperature shutdown, high volume air filter, extended 500-hour oil change and filter interval, battery charging 12 volt alternator, glow plugs for cold weather starting, heavy steel skid base and control panel w/ hour meter.

Automatic Voltage Regulation Standard
Is this unit suitable for powering Yes – 1% regulation from no load to full load
sensitive electronic equipment
like a laptop computer?
Electrical Specifications
Maximum Output 127,500 watts
Continuous Output 125,000 watts
Load Amperage at 480 volts
Maximum Load 188 Amps
Continuous Load 184 Amps
Load Amperage at 600 volts
Maximum Load 150 Amps
Continuous Load 147 Amps
Model John Deere 6068HF285
Type Common Rail Direct Fuel Injection
Cylinder Arrangement 6 Cylinder Inline
Operating RPM 1800 RPM
Horsepower 183 HP
Cylinder Block Cast Iron Block w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
Bore & Stroke 4.17″ x 5.0″
Displacement 6.8 Liters
Aspiration Turbocharged, Air to Air Charge Cooled
Air Cleaner Heavy Duty Replaceable Dry Element
Oil Capacity (w/ Oil Filter) 6.6 Gal
Exhaust Outlet 3.5″ OD Muffler Outlet
Governor Electronic Governor
Coolant Capacity Approx. 8 Gal
Cold Weather Starting Aid Glow Plugs
Fuel Diesel
Starting System Electric
Consumption at 1/2 load 4.7 gal/hr.
Consumption at 3/4 load 6.15 gal/hr.
Consumption at full load 7.35 gal/hr.
Control Panel
Turn Key Start Standard
Hour Meter Standard
Oil Pressure Shutdown Standard
Engine Overspeed Shutdown Standard
High Temperature Shutdown Standard
Circuit Breaker 10 amps resettable
Installation Data
Fuel Inlet Hose Size 5/8″
Fuel Return Hose Size 1/2″
Power Lead Size 2/0
Exhaust Outlet 3.5″ OD Muffler Outlet
Coolant Recommendation Mixture: 1/2 Anti-Freeze & 1/2 Water
Radiator Dimensions (L x D x H) 29-3/4″ x 14″ x 28″
Service-Side Direction
(Facing Radiator) Left-Side
Exhaust Direction
(Facing Service Side) Front-Side
Fuel Inlet & Return Location
(Facing Service Side) Inlet: Front-Side
Outlet: Front-Side
Power Output Direction
(Facing Service Side) Left-Side
Battery Type 12 VDC 800 CCA – Not Included
Engine Oil Type 10W-40 Synthetic
Worldwide Support Network 4,000 Service Locations
Engine Warranty 2 Years
Generator Warranty 1 Year
100% Coverage for Parts & Labor Standard
Length 130 inches
Width 45 inches
Height 65 inches
Dry weight 2,700 lbs.

Located in Maine

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