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About Us

We are Mike, Murray and Peggy Scruton.  Together, we have over 50 years serving the needs of marine industries on the Great Lakes. We’re well experienced in operating and selling commercial boats, barges, dredges, engines, gears, parts, winches, generators, anchors and propellers.


At Scruton Marine Services, we will continue to serve the marine industries on the Great Lakes and beyond.  We will use our website and our extensive list of contacts to serve as a brokerage between buyers and sellers of marine equipment.


Let us sell your equipment and let us find that special piece of equipment you’re looking for.


Our boat – built by Murray

Murray and Peggy Scruton

Listing Equipment With Us

First, you should know it’s easy.


All you have to do is ‘scrutonize’ your inventory.  Decide what you want to sell and how much you want to get for it.  We will gladly list such items as boats, barges, dredges, engines, gears, generators, winches, props and anchors among other things.


Then, once you have your list together, send it to us.  The rest is up to us!  You can fax your list to 1-519-583-2189, or email it to



Cost to List Equipment With Us

We work on a “no cure, no pay” basis.  There is no charge for listing equipment with us and commissions are payable only if your equipment is sold to our client.



Buying From Us

Our web pages contain only a fraction of equipment and services for sale.  If you are looking for equipment call us at 519-583-1636, fax us at 519-583-2189 or e-mail us at 


Details re. our listings are thought to be correct but are not guaranteed.   Offers are subject to prior sale, price or inventory change, applicable taxes and withdrawal from market without notice.

Items Wanted

Our contacts are looking for the following items.  If you have them, and you’re not using them, why not get them to a good home for a good price?

(We have updated the list of “wanted items”- we look forward to adding your “wanted items”)


WT2135   A soft bottom inflatable 12’ to 16’ long with no leaks that can handle

               an engine.

               Buyer wants to roll it up and put in back of truck for easy transport. 


WT2136   Wanted: A wooden helm from a large cruiser

                            (such as from a ‘56  Chris Craft)

                             preferably with the gauges and control and maybe the

                             steering wheel

WT2137   Wanted: A good used or core   Detroit Diesel 16V92N  marine engine   

WT2138   Wanted: An orange “escape pod”  to make a treehouse – the older 

                             and funkier the better

WT2139   Wanted: A KIRBY MORGAN diving helmet #27 or #37

WT2140   Wanted: Good running EMD 8-567 or 12-567 engine

WT2141   Wanted:  300 to 600 ton ship in classable condition

WT2142   Wanted:  20’ to 30’ work barge with hoist or winch setup

-          to pull out 1000 lb moorings – under $20K

WT2143   Wanted:  80’ to 100’ steel Russel Bros type tug

                              -  maximum 9’ draft

WT2144   Wanted:  100’ to 120’ twin screw steel utility boat – to carry cargo

-   and 45 passengers – to operate on east coast

WT2145   Wanted:   900 hp to 1300 hp Push Tug with Tow Bit – built in USA

-   to operate on east coast

WT2146   Wanted:  -Two Walter V Drives – RV26, 30 or 36. 1.46:1.5 ratio

                                one with idler, one without

WT2147   Wanted:  - Large destroyer type steering wheel, 32 – 48” diameter

WT2148   Wanted:    Used Perch scaling machine

WT2149   Wanted:    Needed for 36’ 1970 Hatteras -Bench seats to put around

                              the perimeter of the cockpit and up on the flybridge. 

                              Also need a hi lo table for inside

WT2150  Wanted:    Antique anchor – 600 lbs to 1000 lbs – for decoration

                              at a yacht club in Michigan

WT2151  Wanted:    A Desco Air Helmet

WT2152  Wanted:    (4) compass equalizing balls for 2 binnacles

                               (approx 3” dia) for Port Burwell Marine Museum

WT2153  Wanted:     Amsterdam “Ice” Plow made by Russel Bros

                               to fit on front of Ville Class Tug – for breaking ice

-   in any condition

WT2154  Wanted:     Shallow draft passenger vessel, 30 to 40 PAX

                               with current COI, truckable – to be used in California

WT2155 Wanted:      150’ steel spud barges – located on Great Lakes


WT2156 Wanted:      Large quantity of 18" SDR21 Poly Dredge Pipe

WT2157 Wanted:      A used bow and stern thruster suitable for a 50 foot boat

WT2158 Wanted:     25' to 28'  US built steel work boat or tugboat, single screw to

                               break 1' of ice in buyer's marina.

WT2159 Wanted:      US built steel passenger boat - 50 to 60 passengers

                               Cruising speed: up to 15 knots

                               Suitable to operate in 5' to 6' waves on Great Lakes

WT2160 Wanted:      A hopper barge that can be converted to a drydock.

                                Barge should be between 100' to 200' LOA and between

                                30' to 42' wide.  Buyer is located on south shore of Lake


WT2161 Wanted:      Flat deck barge - 90' x 30' up to 130' x 40'.

                               Height should be low 5'/6'/7'  Buyer is located on south

                                shore of Lake Ontario.

WT2162 Wanted:     A USA built Great Lakes fish tug in the 40 – 55’ range to refit and use as a

                                personal cruising  and dive boat

WT2163 Wanted:     Parts for 8 cyl Lister Blackstone marine engine

                                     Oil cooler - 32" to 40" long by 10" diameter

                                     Fresh water cooler - 44" long x 12" diameter

WT2164 Wanted:    A paddle boat or sid3e wheeler with crew quarters, current COI - in decent condition

                              with lots of dock appeal.  From 35 to 75 gross tons.  Buyer located in Florida.

WT2165 Wanted:   55' to 60' Fiberglass fishing charter boat, twin screw . Buyer located in Florida.

WT2166 Wanted:    Harnischeger V463 135 hp  Diesel Engine (to be used for parts)

WT2167 Wanted:    A U.S. built vessel suitable for conversion or actual glass

                              bottom boat that will hold

                             130 passengers or more.  Buyer located in Florida.

WT2168 Wanted:    2 cyl Atomic gas marine engine with a reverse gear

WT2169 Wanted:    Small used bottom dump barge - located in Great Lakes area

WT2170 Wanted:    Used LCM8 landing craft - to be exported to Panama

WT2171 Wanted:    Double ended ferry to carry 70,000 lb trucks across 600' wide river in Guyana.

WT2172 Wanted:    Twin turbos & hardware plus intake cooler for 12V-71N Detroit Diesel

WT2173 Wanted:    Canadian built 50 yds to 100 yds Dump Barge

WT2174 Wanted:    US built, Classic style, truckable passenger vessel - 30 to 100  PAX

                                 To be used on an inland lake in State of Michigan

WT2175 Wanted:    20' of 2" aluminum toe rail for a CS 40 "Toy Box" - see listing for further information

WT2176 Wanted:    4 cyl Kahlenberg engine - but anything is considered


Last revised: March 18, 2015

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